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Pairing: No pairing,just narcissistic!Dongjun and a mirror.
Summary:Dongjun likes how he looks in the mirror.

"You are the sexiest thing I have ever seen." Dongjun says as he flexes in the mirror. He presses against the mirror of the dance studio. "How does a thing like you even exist?" He glides his hand down his sweaty shirtless body. He looks down to see himself poking out of his shorts. He palms himself through his shorts,looking at the mirror to see himself biting his lip. He stares at himself a little more and starts to bodyroll,letting out little moans. He places a hand against the mirror and stares deeply into the mirror,smirking at himself. "You're so beautiful.." Dongjun slides a hand into his shorts,wrapping his hot hand around his length. He moans as he rubs his thumb over the slit,spreading precum. He strokes his length slowly,making himself whine for more. He looks deeply into the mirror at himself. "Look at you,teasing your own self. No ones stopping you. You're just begging for yourself." He starts to stroke himself at a more moderate speed,circling a finger around a nipple. He closes his eyes and throws his head back,biting on his lip to fight back moans. He peeks at himself in the mirror. "You're even hotter with your hand in your pants..." He moves his shorts a little lower and takes out his hard leaking cock. He starts to pump himself quickly,writhing against the mirror,looking at every inch of himself. He runs a hand through his hair,moaning loudly,looking in the mirror down at himself. He presses his forehead against the mirror,gasping heavily,almost reaching his climax. He claws at the mirror and spews onto the mirror and over his hand. He thrusts into his hand riding out his orgasm,watching his hips move in the mirror. He presses his sweat covered forehead against the mirror,breathing heavily and smirking at himself. "You're good." He blows a kiss at himself in the mirror and pulls his shorts back up. He grabs a paper towel roll from the closet and sits in front of the mirror where his mess is. He starts to clean the mirror,making sure there isn't any spots left on the mirror. After the mirror is spotless,he stares into the mirror once more. "You are bad..so bad.." Dongjun hears the door of the studio open. "Who are you talking to?" Junyoung came in to check on him. The maknae smiled up at him as if nothing happened.


Look Over

Kangin has to leave for the army and leaves Ryeowook in charge of his boyfriend.
A/N:I know you could contact people while you're still in the army and I wasn't sure who shared rooms with Leeteuk in the dorms so I took a guess.

"But Hyung,why me?" Ryeowook questioned Kangin. Kangin sighed,"because I trust you that's why. You're pretty much the only one who knows what he's doing. If anything happens to my angel,I will leave it to you. Something bad or weird is bound to happen if Leeteuk isn't able to see me or speak with me for TWO YEARS. Seriously,I have all my trust in you as of now." Kangin explained. Ryeowook thought for a moment."Okay...I will watch over Teukie-Hyung for you." He quietly said. Kangin pulled Ryeowook in for a tight hug."Thank you so much Ryeowook-ssi." He whispered.

*Next Day*

"Two Years? That's WAYYYY too long...!" Leeteuk whines,on the edge of tears. Kangin embraces his lover. Leeteuk buries his head in Kangin's neck. Kangin sighs in sadness and frustration.
" I made this choice hyung. You will see me soon. You're also going to need to go soon too." Kangin says,also on the edge of tears.
"W-when do you have to leave?" Leeteuk sobs into Kangin's neck.
"Tomorrow afternoon." Kangin says in a monotone voice. A tear rolls down his cheek. Leeteuk whimpers and cries hard into Kangin's shoulder."Hyung,please don't cry. I'll be back before you even know it."
Those were the last words Leeteuk heard from Kangin before his departure. Leading Super Junior felt like the most difficult thing in the world for Leeteuk. When he wasn't running schedules,he would curl up next to the window and just stare out into the night hoping Kangin will return to his arms soon. He shares a room with Donghae,but Donghae is usually in Eunhyuk's room. A knock on Leeteuk's bedroom door startles him."y-yes?" Leeteuk answers quietly.
"Hyung?" Ryeowook enters the room.
"Ah,Ryeowook-ssi." Leeteuk mumbles. Ryeowook walks over to the older,he gazes out of the window to see what the leader always stares at.
"I wanted to come see how you were doing. I made some Ramen. Would you like some?" Ryeowook asks. Leeteuk sighs deeply.
"No thankyu." The leader continues to stare out of the window. Ryeowook pouts in disappointment.
"Well...okay. If you need any of us,we'll be in the living room." Ryeowook leaves the room,letting the door click closed. Leeteuk has been suffering a case of depression and anxiety after Kangin left. He hasn't slept or eaten for weeks. All of his dongsaengs have been worried sick about him and his health. Leeteuk hugs his knees tighter.
"Kangin..." He sobs into his knees. He sighs deeply,gets off the windowsill and stands before his bed."Maybe if I do try sleep...I can relax a little..." he climbs in,hoping the space in his bed will not irritate him.

"Hyung! Hyung!! Wake up!" Donghae is desperately shaking Leeteuk awake. The leader shoots up in bed,soaked in sweat and tears,breathing heavily.
"Donghae-ah..." Leeteuk mumbles.
"You woke me up...All I heard was you screaming and yelling,ecspecially for Kangin. You kept saying 'Kangin-ah' over and over. I was sitting here for minutes trying to wake you up..." Donghae explains. Leeteuk wipes away his sweat and tears,
"I-I'm sorry Donghae. I guess all my depression and sleep deprivation has effected me. I'm just missing him terribly,that's all." He sobs. Donghae sighs.
"Try to sleep again. You haven't slept in ages. We can't have you collapsing on stage from exhaustion." Donghae says as he climbs into bed. There were two knocks at the door. Ryeowook welcomed himself in.
"Hyung,are you okay?" He felt Leeteuk's head."You're feeling really hot. Let me get a cold towel for you." Ryeowook leaves the room and returns with a cold towel. He lays Leeteuk down and pulls the covers slightly over him. He places the cold towel upon the leader's head."Feel a little better?" He asks him. Leeteuk nods slightly. "I think I'm going to stay here and make sure you don't freak out in your sleep again." Ryeowook says as he takes a glance out the window.
"Actually Ryeowook-ssi,could you come sleep with me? It's so difficult to sleep alone..." Leeteuk lifted the covers to allow Ryeowook crawl into bed with him. The younger rested his head on Leeteuk's chest,snuggled up to him.
"Hyung,relax. Your heart is beating so fast..." Ryeowook whispers.
"Sorry. I had such a bad nightmare..." Leeteuk slurs,dozing into sleep.
"Don't worry I'm-" Ryeowook stops himself,hearing Leeteuk snore lightly. He finds himself asleep alone in the leader's bed in the morning.
"Ryeowook!" He hears his name be called."Come on! We're going to be late for our press conference!" Yesung runs into the room and shakes Ryeowook awake.
"Okay!I'm up!" Ryeowook slides off the bed.
"Go Change! Hurry up!" yesung pokes him and fleeds the room. Ryeowook tiredly walks downstairs to his room and changes into a suit for the KRY press conference.
"Aigoo~ I don't wanna go..." He mumbles to himself as he ties his tie. He runs back upstairs and into the kitchen out of breath.
"Ah,Ryeowook. Would you likes some breakfast?" Leeteuk asks. Ryeowook was surprised to actually see Leeteuk eating and smiling.
"No Thankyu. Yesung hyung told me to hurry up and get ready." Ryeowook says tiredly. Yesung runs down the hallway and grabs Ryeowook by the arm.
"Wait wait!" Leeteuk hurries up to Ryeowook. He fixes the younger's tie and places a kiss on the top of his head. Yesung ragged Ryeowook out of the dorm,wondering what the kiss was even for.
"How come you slept in Teukie Hyung's room last night?" Yesung asked. KRY was in the elevator on the way to hop into the van for the press conference. Kyuhyun fell asleep on Ryeowook's shoulder.
"Donghae told me that hyung was havng a hard time sleeping. So I guess I just went up to keep and eye on him." Every night Ryeowook spent it in Leeteuk's room. Everytime he wasn't there,Leeteuk would wake up crying or screaming hysterically. One night,Donghae was out with Hyukjae and everyone else was going out to eat. Leeteuk decided to stay back because of his condition and Ryeowook also stayed back.
"I'm so tired...come to bed with me?" Leeteuk said as he started towards his room.
"I'm not tired yet..." Ryeowook said.
"Just come keep me company." Leeteuk said as he walked into his room. Ryeowook sighed and followed, He climbed in bed with the leader. Leeteuk held the younger close with and arm wrapped around him.
"Goodnight hyung..." Ryeowook whispered.
"Goodnight Wook." Leeteuk mumbled. Ryeowook stared into darkness as his hyung softly breathed into his ear. Moments later,Leeteuk started to moan in his sleep. Ryeowook blinked into the darkness,a tent was formed in his PJ pants. The leader kept moaning,his hot breathe hitting Ryeowook's neck. Ryeowook turned to Leeteuk and noticed that a hand was in his pants. Leeteuk was masturbating in his sleep. Ryeowook could feel his cock throbbing in his pants. He sunk underneath the covers and carefully slid down Leeteuk's pajama pants. The leader's hardened member was revealed in front of Ryeowook's face.  Ryeowook tried to move away Leeteuk's stroking hand but failed. Leeteuk woke up noticing the innocent eternal maknae below his waist. Leeteuk rubbed his eyes,making sure he was looking at Ryeowook."Ryeowook...what are-" Before he could say more,the younger ran a tongue along Leeteuk's shaft causing him to gasp loudly. Ryeowook's tongue teased the slit,licking up pre-cum. He took in Leeteuk's length and felt the tip just tickle the back of his throat. Ryeowook closed his eyes and hummed softly."Wookie..." Leeteuk moaned as he ran a hand through the young boy's hair. He watched as Ryeowook's head bobbed up and down. Leeteuk gripped Ryeowook's soft hair as the head bobbed faster."Ah...wookie,please..." Leeteuk moaned as he held a tighter grip in Ryeowook's hair. Ryeowook was able to tell that Leeteuk was ready to cum. He held the base of Leeteuk's cock to keep him from cumming too soon. Ryeowook hummed low again and let go of Leeteuk's leaking cock."Unff~,Ryeowookie!!" He groaned at the top of his lungs,spewing his seed into Ryeowook's mouth. Some of it even dripped off the end of his mouth. The younger seductively licked all of it up. Leeteuk pulled hi up for a kiss,tasting himself on Ryeowook's mouth. Ryeowook broke off the kiss and began to trail kisses down Leeteuk's neck,making him release small moans. Ryeowook licked a spot on the leader's neck,and began to nibble,not sure if he left marks. Leeteuk's hand massaged the bulge that was sticking out of Ryeowook's pajama pants. Ryeowook moaned into Leeteuk's ear with want. Leeteuk flipped Ryeowook so he had him on the buttom. Leeteuk leaned down to give Ryeowook a long hard kiss."ya know...Kangin never lets me top." Leeteuk said as he removed Ryeowook's shirt. The younger pouted at him.
"That's too bad. Pretend I'm Kangin hyung." Ryeowook whispered then smirked.
"I-I can't..." Leeteuk said as he slowly pulled off Ryeowook's Pj pants. Ryeowook gasped as he felt the pants brush against his erection. Ryeowook cleared his throat.
"Teukie hyung...I want you." He attempted to imitate Kangin.
"mm...you are so cute..." Leeteuk whispers as he bites at Ryeowook's neck and shoves a finger in him. tears start to form in the younger's eyes.
"N-no prep?" Ryeowook gasps.
"None left." Leeteuk answers,shoving another finger in. Ryeowook moans,not just from pleasure but from pain too."I'm sorry if I am hurting you..." Leeteuk kisses a tear rolling down Ryeowook's face. Leeteuk slowly slides his fingers in and out. He kisses Ryeowook,biting ang tugging on his lower lip. Ryeowook moans as Leeteuk speeds up his fingers,almost hitting his prostate every time.
"H-Hyung I want...you." The younger gaps. Leeteuk pulls out his fingers,smirks at Ryeowook and kisses him softly. Leeteuk positions himself inbetween Ryeowook's legs. He spreads them as wide as possible and enters Ryeowook,feeling the tightness around his member. Ryeowook lets out an earsplitting shriek from the pain.
"omo, do you want me to stop?" Leeteuk stuttered. Ryeowook has his hands gripped hard onto the sheets,breathing heavily.
"FUCKING MOVE!!" Ryeowook screamed at Leeteuk. He started his way slowly,making Ryeowook whimper and gasp and moan at every thrust."Teukie~~" Ryeowook moaned as he wrapped his legs around Leeteuk's waist,pulling him in deeper. Leeteuk groaned as he increased his speed. Ryeowook moved his hand over to his almost ignored leaking member and began to stroke himself rapidly. Leeteuk dug his fingenails into Ryeowook's pale thighs as he hit Ryeowook's protstate. Ryeowook began to pant heavily as he felt Leeteuk hit it over and over again."Teukie-Ah...please..." Ryeowook moaned. Leeteuk liked the sound of hearing Ryeowook beg for him.
"You're just so damn cute begging for me." Leeteuk bit down on his lip watchin Ryeowook's pleasured expressions.
"Teukie...umf,I- almost..." Ryeowook panted. Leeteuk leaned down to the younger.
"Come for me Ryeowook..." Leeteuk whispered,then groaned a he came inside of Ryeowook. Ryeowook came right after the leader,feeling the seeds of the other fill inside of him. Leeteuk rested hiself ontop of Ryeowook. The younger was almost passed out,attemping to catch his breath."Ryeowook-ssi?" Leeteuk whispered.
"hm,yes hyung?" Ryeowook mumbled.
"Thankyu." Leeteuk whispered in Ryeowook's ear and fell straight asleep in the youngers arms. Ryeowook smiled tiredly and held his sleepy hyung close.

*2 years later*

"Kangin hyung! welcome back home!!" Ryeowook said as he walked through the 12th floor dorm door. He was the last to return home from his schedules.
"Ryeowook-ssi!" Kangin got up and glomped the eternal maknae.
"It's good to see yo back home!" Ryeowook says. Kangin cocked an eyebrow at the younger.
"Did you do what you were told?" Kangin asked.
"Yessir. I cared for him like you told me to. I put myself in your shoes and saw certain things the way you did." Ryeowook explained.
"Like?" Kangin questioned.
"um,feeding him,putting him to sleep. and sex?" Ryeowook said,hoping he won't get in trouble. Kangin thought for a moment. He bursted out laughing. He pulled Ryeowook in for another hug and kissed the top of his head.
"Thank you for looking after my angel." Kangin whispers.


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